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Laurence Smith
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The Last Christmas Of JonBenet Ramsey can be purchased at this site by clicking 'Purchase Book' at top of page, and will also be available soon in E-Book form for digital Kindle-like devices at This book is written in documentary and scenario style, rather than how true crime books are traditionally written with pictures, flourishing metaphors, and entertaining nuances, as I believed that this  book should be presented in a style similar to what a prosecutor would employ when addressing a jury. 

Following is an overview of this book, a writing that seeks to determine who is responsible for the heretofore unsolved murder of celebrity 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey that occurred over Christmas night 1996 in Boulder, Colorado. 

From the Publisher: There has been no comprehensive in-depth analysis taken from
a multidimensional perspective of this infamous murder case, as undertaken by this author. Here, Laurence Smith purports to show, beyond reasonable doubt, not only
the suspect types who could not have committed this unspeakable crime (based on existing forensic evidence, along with the psychopathology characteristics that would
have been present in the various pathology suspect types) but conclusively who the
actual killer could only have been.

In building a compelling case for naming JonBenet a€™s killer, complete crime scenarios
are presented wherein suspect types who could have remotely been responsible for this crime are inserted to determine the plausibility for considering each as a viable suspect. Various members of the immediate Ramsey family are also placed in murder scenarios
to determine who (if any) can be regarded as a viable suspect(s).

Popularly held theories regarding JonBenet's death that exclude Patsy Ramsey and any intruder as suspects are explored to determine at what point the respective theory is no longer plausible,and implodes under the weight of its own incredulity. An exhaustive
psycho-linguistic analysis by the author of the infamous ransom letter serves to support the definitive naming of JonBenet's killer.

Explanations are provided to questions the public has long sought answers to, including: Who killed JonBenet and why? What were the circumstances surrounding her death? What were the conditions and/or causes that contributed to the killer A€™s motives? And what logic and psychological factors were at play that directed the actions taken by the killer, including the crime a€™s elaborately staged cover-up,designed to project the crime onto a sexual predator type suspect?

Laurence Smith's compelling and brilliant expose of this infamous crime reflects his masterful under-standing of the logic, forensics, and psychological factors that comprised the crime, enabling him to arrive at a definitive finding that is more than credible.