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Frequently Asked Questions 
About The Case:

Q. If an intruder killed JonBenet, what criminal or psychopathology type could he have been? 

A. Because the crime scene was over-staged in attempting to project the crime onto a sexual predator type criminal, the intruder winds up having similar but contradictory characteristics of other pathology type criminals. Including; thrill seeker, thrill killer, adrenalin driven, random killer, and pedophile. 

Q. How plausible is it for an intruder to have killed JonBenet? 

A. Chapter 1 presents the most plausible scenario for an intruder to have been JonBenet’s killer. Followed, by a complete analysis of this scenario in chapter 2. Considering, that there was no DNA evidence discovered from any intruder, along with many inconsistencies in the crime’s methodology and logic used in various phases of the crime. The likelihood of an intruder having been in the Ramsey home on the night JonBenet was murdered is more than highly unlikely. 

Q. If JonBenet in fact suffered some type of accident during Christmas night, prior to being murdered, why wasn’t 911 called? 

A. It can’t be stated as fact that she suffered some type of accident. However, it certainly seems to be the reason for triggering the events that led to her being murdered later. There would have no other logical explanation for the murderous scenario that followed. Chapter 4 places this element into the murder scenario. 

It is my contention, that Patsy Ramsey was led to believe that the child’s apparent unconscious state from the accident was fatal, or that JonBenet would regain consciousness. A parent would have to explain to a hospital emergency room how the child suffered the accident. Which, may have been perceived to be embarrassing for the parent. Furthermore, the child might have told someone at the hospital how she came to have the accident, which also could have proved embarrassing for the parent.

Q. Why did the responding Detective, Linda Arndt, arrive at the conclusion that John Ramsey was responsible for JonBenet’s death?

A. Detective Arndt never officially stated that John Ramsey had killed JonBenet. However, upon being interviewed on a national news program. She stated, that as she was kneeling alongside of John Ramsey at the Christmas tree, after he had brought JonBenet’s body up from the basement, she was mentally counting the bullets left in her Police revolver. She would go on to say that she knew who killed JonBenet, but wasn’t going to name anyone. She believed that Patsy was covering up for John, having been taken in by Patsy’s continuing hysteria. 

Q. If Patsy Ramsey killed JonBenet, did she confide this to John Ramsey prior to the discovery of JonBenet’s body.  

A. Patsy’s decision not to tell her husband was one of the three smart decisions that she made during the night of JonBenet’s death, it allowed John to act completely natural, when being questioned by Police investigators. Patsy was also clever by putting a glove on when writing the ransom letter which completely disguised her 
handwriting. She was also clever when she manipulated John being the one to discover the ransom letter. However, everything else was a disaster in the cover-up.  

Q. What purpose was served by the killer writing a 3 page ransom letter? 

A. There were several reasons for this letter being so long, Including; Patsy’s wanting to reveal herself to John by using familiar phrases that John would relate to her. She was also trying to sell a kidnapping for ransom story to the Police, and her natural journalistic writing skills subconsciously prevented her from knowing when to put her pen down. 

Q. Why did the author of the ransom letter choose the innocuous figure of $118,000? 

A. Chapter 6 is entirely devoted to all elements of the ransom letter. There are many connotations associated with this figure, that are related to the Ramsey family. Whatever one(s) Patsy Ramsey had in mind is hard say. One thing is certain. Patsy knew that John would make the connection to her, and know that she was somehow involved in this stated kidnapping for ransom plot, though not knowing if she was being coerced or not. 

Q. If John Ramsey was involved in covering up JonBenet’s death, at what point did 
 he enter into it? 

A. John unofficially entered into the cover-up by being very coy with the Police. He was trying to sort things out in his mind regarding Patsy’s role, after picking up on the clues Patsy left for him in the ransom letter. He would officially become involved in the cover-up after discovering JonBenet’s body in the morning, but not reporting it. Chapter 5 is devoted to John’s cover-up involvement, and why he took the actions that he did. 

Q. Why were Boulder Police never able to arrest anyone for JonBenet’s murder, especially if all signs point to Patsy Ramsey? 

A. There are many reasons for this, which are covered completely at the end of chapter 4. The major reason is that the investigation was mishandled during the initial phase, when Police were acting as though a legitimate kidnapping had occurred. It was too late for them to recover from the many earlier miscues. The
Grand Jury actually voted for the District Attorney to indict both John and Patsy, but District Attorney Alex Hunter lied and told the public there was no vote to indict. This was only revealed many years later. DA Hunter was afraid that he would lose the case in court if he forced the Ramseys to trial.