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 About the author:

 Laurence Smith was raised in Flossmoor, Illinois and then 
 after High School moved to the fabled North Shore, north 
 of Chicago along Lake Michigan. After transferring from
 Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois after his  sophomore year, Laurence then obtained his B.S. degree  in psychology and in criminal psychology at   
 the University of Chicago.  

 He has spent nearly 37 years in various areas of the  psychology  milieu, including; clinician, counselor, and  Psychotherapist. Laurence Smith has often testified  as an expert witness in; civil legal proceedings, felony   criminal trials, and criminal grand jury hearings. He also 
 has credible knowledge of forensic Pathology, along with 
 medical insight in criminal investigations.  

 Personal Info

 Mr. Smith was adopted at age 5 by two loving Christian 
 parents. His favorite childhood memory is that of his
 father bringing him for his 8th birthday a beautiful large
 male 2-year old Irish Setter dog that became his constant   companion. A lifelong romantic, he savors the great loves 
 of the women in his life, though he regrets never having 
 married and possibly having a son. 

 His many interests include; classical music, opera, and 
 most of all tennis, in which he has won numerous awards 
 since the age of twelve. He remains an accomplished 
 player  today. 

 Why I wrote this book: 

 I wish this was a fictional murder case that I was writing  
 about, but unfortunately it is not. This murder case is 
 truly a human tragedy. After learning all the details in this 
 case and reading the various  media material that had 
 been written about it, I came to believe this case truly  
 demanded that it be approached from a multi-dimensional  perspective in order to better understand how and why the
 life of 6-year old JonBenet came to be taken from her.

 Initially, upon learning of this child’s tragic death, I was of 
 belief that her murder was the result of an act perpetrated 
 by a mentally unbalanced sexual predator. But with the 
 emergence of more details, I realized that an intruder 
 could not have been responsible for JonBenet's death, as
 purest of logic dictated this could not be the case. I then 
 thought that perhaps a parent panicked after this child  had a fatal accident, and then proceeded to cover up her 
 death because of some form of guilt. 

 However, after the autopsy report was finally released 
 stating that JonBenet’s death was due to the dual factors 
 of strangulation and head trauma, this then brought a new 
 perspective to the circumstances surrounding her death.   It was no longer even a case of involuntary manslaughter, 
 but murder. I soon came to realize that there was a strong 
 possibility that JonBenet’s life could have been saved if a 
 911 call had been made. Rather, than having her life taken 
 to serve misplaced self-interest by a parent.

 I came to see this young child’s death as being all too 
 symbolic of current American culture, where self-centered  
 concerns are at times placed above everything else includ-
 ing one’s own child. JonBenet should not have left this life
 as just a 6-year old girl who was so fascinated with the 
 world she lived in, still believing in the Easter Bunny and 
 Santa Claus. 

    “It is up to future authors to document the conclusion 
     of this drama, probably years from now.” 

     Steve Thomas -
     Former lead detective On this case 

     Perhaps, I am that author.  


 I appreciate your interest in this book and hope that you 
 can avail yourself to reading it cover to cover. It is my 
 desire that you find my accounting of this case to be 
 an interesting journey in understanding the inverse logic
 used, along with the aberrations of the the human mind
 when unable to cope with a crisis situation. I hope that 
 it may be a fascinating reading experience for you as well. 
 I wish you great health and fulfillment in life. 

All the very best to you,
  Laurence L. Smith

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